Heliodor Soap by Tailored Soap

1. Heliodor Soap

This soap will make hand washing peachy! Literally. It smells like heavenly peaches and kids will are guaranteed to be excited to use this every time they go to the bathroom. 

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2. Unicorn Soap

There’s no denying that unicorns rule, and so do most children think aswell! Make their bath time even more magical with this rainbow soap.

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Unicorn Soap by Tailored Soap
Supernova Galaxy Bath Bomb by Tailored Soap

3. Supernova Bath Bomb

This bath bomb brings shimmer, a sweet fruity scent and nourishing oils to the bath! It contains a pinch of biodegradable glitter that washes away from both skin and the tub with a quick rinse with water.

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4. Apple Succulent Soap

Kids love apples, and kids are always curious about our succulent soaps! Give them their own piece of gorgeous soap that fits even in small hands.

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Green Apple Succulent Soaps by Tailored Soap
Plumeria Bath Truffles by Tailored Soap

5. Plumeria Bath Truffle

This bath truffle will make the water hydrating and nourishing for the skin, and create fluffy bubbles that kids adore!

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6. Blue Bath Bomb

Blue bath bombs are fun for both boys and girls! This smells like the ocean, and contains nourishing sweet almond oil.

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Blue Water Color Changing Seashore Bath Bomb by Tailored Soap
Fairy Soap by Tailored Soap

7. Fairy Soap

Which little prince or princess doesn’t love fairies? This is sprinkled with biodegradable glitter and is sure to enchant the receiver!

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8. Marshmallow Lip Balm

This is one of our most popular lip balms with little girls (next to our bubblegum lip balm). You’ll get all the delicious flavor without any of the sugar.

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Marshmallow Flavored Lip Balm by Tailored Soap
Cola Flavored Lip Balm by Tailored Soap

9. Cola Lip Balm

By far our most popular lip balm with small boys. What’s not to love about Cola every day of the week?

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10. Mermaid Soap

Our Mermaid soap is undeniably popular with our youngest customers and their parents. It’s covered in silver biodegradable glitter, it has a pearl on top, smells like the beach and it’s made from scratch with skin loving vegetable oils.

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Mermaid Soap by Tailored Soap