Espresso Sugar Scrub by Tailored Soap

1. Espresso Sugar Scrub

A lot of people are known for their love of coffee, and our espresso sugar scrub will wake up and rejuvenate any coffee lover’s mind!

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2. Crystal Soap

We can guarantee that you won’t find a crystal soap in your family member’s bathroom already. This soap has been a huge hit with both our customers and the family members we’ve given it to. 

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Crystal Soap by Tailored Soap
Lilac Body Wash & Shampoo by Tailored Soap

3. Lilac Body Wash

We wouldn’t recommend giving this body wash to a family member without trying exactly that ourselves first, and as expected this has been a very well received gift and it’s a popular scent choice among our customers! There’s nothing not to love between the shimmer, the mild ingredients, the color and the true Lilac scent. 

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4. Crisp Anjou Pear Room Spray

Nobody has too many room sprays. This neutral and extremely refreshing and fruity sweet room spray is a great choice for both men and women who want to liven up a room either for themselves our just before their guests come over.

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Crisp Anjou Pear Room Spray by Tailored Soap
Calendula Soap by Tailored Soap

5. Calendula Soap

This is one of our favorite soaps when it comes to how it feels, and our customers agree! It very lightly exfoliates the skin, the nourishing oils and calendula petals hydrate the skin, and since it’s unscented this is a safe choice for even the pickiest of noses.

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6. Lavender Succulent Soap

Our Succulent Soaps are some of our most popular soaps for gift giving. This particular soap is the perfect gift for someone who loves plants, timeless lavender or even to feed a succulent obsession.

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Purple Lavender Field Succulent Soap by Tailored Soap
Green Tea Scented Candle by Tailored Soap

7. Green Tea Candle

This candle is the perfect choice if you want to gift a candle, but you’re unsure which scents the recipient loves. It’s neutral, green and relaxing. 

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8. Spellbound Woods Body Wash

If you want a more neutral scent in a body wash, this is perfect. It has a mellow scent blend of vanilla and woodsy, and the cool color makes it a great gift for both women and men. Body wash is a great gift that will be used, and we’re sure you’ll hear it shortly how much they love how their skin is starting to feel!

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Spellbound Woods Body Wash & Shampoo by Tailored Soap

9. Floral Bath Truffle Set

We have put together this floral themed set of bubble bath truffles for those looking for a gift set! This is perfect for any lady or gentleman who adores flowers and relaxation. If your family members aren’t lovers of floral scents, our bubble bath truffle sets come in several scent combinations: café, dessert and spa.

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10. Passionfruit Rose Lip Balm

They might have everything, and they probably have some lip balm somewhere, but this isn’t something like they’ve tried before! This lip balm is exotic, delicious and everybody needs more than one lip balm!

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Passionfruit Rose Flavored Lip Balm by Tailored Soap
Moroccan Mint Soap from the Tailored Soap Everyday Luxury Collection

11. Moroccan Mint Soap

This soap has a simple design that will look good in any bathroom, and we haven’t ever encountered someone who doesn’t love the scent of sweet mint! With a little imagination this smells like candy canes, and if you’re going for a bigger gift, you can make it a beautiful set (that might even match their bathroom?) with any of our other Everyday Luxury soaps. 

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