Honey Soap by Tailored Soap

1. Honey Soap

For the lover of all natural skincare. Feel free to browse all of our natural products to find the perfect fit!

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2. Pink Bath Bomb

Is your friend’s favorite color pink? Browse all of our pink products or search for the color of their dreams in the search bar!

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Pink Bath Bomb by Tailored Soap

3. Seashore Body Butter

This body butter is perfect for the lover of blue, the ocean and effective moisturizers. Almost all of our products are vegan friendly, and so is this! Not sure if this is the right scent? Our body butters come in 9 different scents!

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4. Rose Clay Soap

This soap is amazing if your friend has got sensitive skin, and it’s a perfect pair with our rose clay face mask. We’re confident that they’ll love that you remembered!

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Rose Clay Soap by Tailored Soap
Activated Charcoal Face Mask by Tailored Soap

5. Activated Charcoal Face Mask

Perfect for those who love activated charcoal, face masks, pampering and has normal to oily skin!

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6. Orion Nebula Soap

Is your friend obsessed with galaxy products, glitter skincare or know every constellation? They’ll be sure to notice that you thought of them when choosing our Orion Nebula Soap (or any of our other Galaxy Soaps)

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Orion Nebula Soap by Tailored Soap
Pine Forest Succulent Soap by Tailored Soap

7. Pine Forest Succulent Soap

Some people are obsessed with succulents, and if you’ve been paying attention and noticed any succulents around their house, we’re confident that they’ll adore you for picking a Succulent Soap for them! Not sure they’ll love this particular color or scent? Find their favorite among our Succulent Soaps.

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8. Unicorn Soap

If you friend loves mythology or happens to have a unicorn tape dispenser, a unicorn inflatable or a unicorn mug, they will love this sparkly soap!

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Unicorn Soap by Tailored Soap
Mineral Soap Set by Tailored Soap

9. Mineral Soap Set

If your friend is into geology, healing or is just obsessed with crystals and minerals, a gift set to match their personality is a marvelous choice. We’ve got six different mineral soap sets.

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10. Cloudberry Soap Set

Does your friend adore berries, tiny items, novelty soaps, or even Norway? If so, these cloudberry soaps are perfect! (Cloudberries a very widely used in Norwegian desserts!)

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Cloudberry Soap Set by Tailored Soap
Ancient Sedona Soap by Tailored Soap

11. Ancient Sedona Soap

This soap is a great choice if your friend loves masculine scents, soap bars, or even if he or she is a traveler who want to explore the scent Ancient Sedona!

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12. English Rose Soap

Some people adore roses, and they are especially meaningful to some. Does your friend love roses or even has a rose tattoo? Pick this soap and tell them why! We’ve also got cherry blossom scented products if your friend happens to have this popular flower tattooed. 

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English Rose Soap by Tailored Soap
Apricot Freesia Room Spray by Tailored Soap

13. Apricot Freesia Room Spray

Does your friend love having people over or impressing him/herself and others with an amazing smelling home? Pick any of our room sprays and make sure you let them know you thought of them.

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14. Lemon Cake Candle

Is your friend obsessed with cake or food? Give them a mouth watering experience with our Lemon Cake scented candle (or wax melts if they’ve got a wax burner that they love to use)!

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Lemon Cake Scented Candle by Tailored Soap
Chocolate Espresso Body Wash & Shampoo

15. Chocolate Body Wash

This body wash is the perfect choice if you want to spoil your friend who also happens to be a chocolate lover!

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