Galaxy Bath Bomb by Tailored Soap

1. Galaxy Bath Bomb

Our brand new galaxy bath bombs bring all the wow and magic needed in the holiday season!

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2. Wildflower Honey Soap

This practical soap has such a delicate and gorgeous scent and the plant based oils make it a nourishing and softening soap. 

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Wildflower Honey Soap by Tailored Soap
Celestite Soap by Tailored Soap

3. Celestite Soap

This geode soap comes closed in a perfect box for gift giving. Your girlfriend will open this and be absolutely amazed by what hides within! 

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4. Fluorite Soap

We are absolutely in love with this stunning Fluorite soap, and so are our millennial customers! For the girl who loves crystals.

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Fluorite Crystal Ball Soap by Tailored Soap
Cherry Blossom Body Wash & Shampoo by Tailored Soap

5. Cherry Blossom Body Wash

For the girl who loves pink, body wash, shimmer or cherry blossoms. This is the perfect everyday pampering product.

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6. Fairy Soap

This soap is perfect if your girlfriend is all about fairies, glitter or magic! It will make hand washing/showering/bath time enchanting and of course nourishing!

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Fairy Soap by Tailored Soap
Blooming Oasis Room Spray by Tailored Soap

7. Blooming Oasis Room Spray

This is the perfect light and feminine scent for her to spray in any room of her home! It also makes a perfect moving in gift or hostess gift.

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8. Northern Lights Soap

Our Galaxy Soap Collection contains our best selling soaps, and this soap will blow just about anyone’s mind. Who doesn’t love the Northern Lights?

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Northern Lights Soap by Tailored Soap
Gardenia Succulent Soap by Tailored Soap

9. Gardenia Succulent Soap

This soap smells like true gardenias and will bring warmth into any succulent lover’s heart!

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10. Lavender Field Bath Truffle

Our relaxing Lavender Field scent is one of our most popular scents, and this bath truffle will product a calming bubble bath that’s nourishing for the mind and skin.

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Lavender Field Bath Truffles by Tailored Soap
Black Water Color Changing Spellbound Woods Scented Bath Bomb by Tailored Soap

11. Black Bath Bomb

Black bath bombs are really popular with young women, and the Spellbound Woods scent and nourishing sweet almond oil makes this experience even more breathtaking!

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12. Teal Bath Bomb

Our teal bath bombs create a stunning teal bath water that smells of soap bubbles, flowery gardens and nostalgia.

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Teal Water Color Changing Soap & Bubbles Scented Bath Bomb by Tailored Soap
Emerald Gem Soap Set by Tailored Soap

13. Emerald Gem Soap

Emerald is the birthstone of May, making this the ultimate thoughtful gift for her if her birthday is in May. Check out our other birthstone soaps if her birthday is any other time of the year and you want to impress her! 

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14. Spa Bath Truffle Set

If she’s a lover of spas, bubble baths and relaxation, this set is the perfect gift set.

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Berry Plumeria Perfume Oil by Tailored Soap

15. Berry Plumeria Perfume Oil

This perfume is sweet, fruity and with notes of juicy berries. It’s alcohol free and reminds us of Summer!

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16. Lilac Breeze Perfume Oil

This is our best selling perfume with good reason. It’s airy, light, floral and gorgeous. 

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Lilac Breeze Perfume Oil by Tailored Soap
Island Coconut Body Butter by Tailored Soap

17. Island Coconut Body Butter

Our Island Coconut body butter is all about tropical vibes and hydrating oils and butters. If she loves the scent of coconuts, she’s guaranteed to adore this.

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18. Unicorn Soap

Unicorns are adored by many, and so is this Unicorn Soap! It is one of our best selling soaps, and the hydrating oils make it the product your skin is craving!

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Unicorn Soap by Tailored Soap
Raspberry Soap Set by Tailored Soap

19. Raspberry Soap Set

These adorable and realistic soaps smell just like raspberries and they are some of our most popular items among customers looking for sweet and small gifts.

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20. Cotton Candy Sugar Scrub

This sugar scrub will rejuvenate the skin and the Cotton Candy scent will take her back to her childhood and joyful days – and nothing’s better than nostalgia!

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Cotton Candy Sugar Scrub by Tailored Soap