3 Reasons Soap Favors Would Make Excellent Favors For Your Next Event

Wedding Favor Soaps by Tailored Soap

Are you planning an event and trying to come up with favors for your guests, or do you already want to give your guests soaps as favors? Here are 3 reasons it’s actually a great idea!


1. Soap favors are inexpensive

Soaps are definitely on the lower end of the price scale when browsing for favors. If the price range starts at a piece of candy and ends at giving a car for each attendant (Oprah style), you’ll find that soaps are quite close to the lower end of the scale.


Here are some of our soap favors:


2. Soap favors are functional

Soaps are meant to be used. However much I love a good wine stopper, shot glass or bottle opener, I might not want to keep either around forever with the date and initials from someone’s wedding.

These are all fun and loving gifts, but giving soaps as favors is a safe way to make sure your guests get something they don’t have and that they’ll use (or look at)! You’ll also do their skin a favor, and our heart soaps are even fun for kids who hate to wash their hands!


Wedding Table
You can never go wrong with soap favors matching the color of your event!


3. Soap favors can be personal

Our soap favors can be made to match the color of your event, in almost any shade! They can also be made in a very wide variety of scents. If you’re planning a beach wedding, you could go with our Sea Breeze or Smitten scent, if you’re planning a forest animal baby shower, try a soft scent like Oatmeal, Milk and Honey or go out of the box and try out our refreshing Grass Stain scent! We even have a Champagne fragrance for sparkling celebrations.

Not only will your event smell good and match, but the soaps will look pretty as decorations or in sweet favor boxes.


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