Black Soap Saver in 100% Wool by Tailored Soap

1. Black Soap Saver

Make your bars of soap last longer with our exfoliating soap saver made with 100% black wool!

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2. Oatmeal Soap

This all natural and unscented soap scrubs the skin lightly, removing dead skin, and meanwhile the plant based oils will nourish the skin!

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Exfoliating, All Natural Oatmeal Soap by Tailored Soap
All Natural Sugar Scrub by Tailored Soap

3. Unscented Sugar Scrub

This sugar scrub has no artificial scent or color. It will leave the skin renewed and moisturized. If you love natural scrubs, you can check out our unscented lip scrub!

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4. Activated Charcoal Soap

Our activated charcoal soap is perfect for use on hands, the face and body. We recommend this soap for normal to oily skin! If the recipient has dry or sensitive skin, we would recommend our Rose Clay soap!

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Activated Charcoal Soap by Tailored Soap
Unscented, All Natural Body Butter by Tailored Soap

5. Unscented Body Butter

This body butter is made with quality oils and the extremely hydrating butters shea butter, cocoa butter and mango butter. It has no artificial scent or color and is great for everyday wear. Love natural moisturizers? Give our natural lip balm a try!

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