5 Reasons Handmade Soaps Make Amazing Gifts

Galaxy Soap by Tailored Soap

There are a lot of reasons that soap make great gifts. Here are a few of them!


1. Soaps can be personal

The main reason some people say soap is a less-than-awesome gift is because it’s not personal enough. We disagree! With the huge selection of skin products available, it’s so easy to choose with some extra attention to the recipient’s likes and dislikes. Does he or she live a natural, crunchy or rustic life style? Show them you pay attention by getting them a natural soap.

Are you getting a gift for a trendy young woman? Perhaps she’d love one of our best selling Galaxy Soaps! You can also find a soap in the recipient’s favorite color or scent (use our search bar to find what you’re looking for!). There’s even Coffee Soap for the coffee lover, Honey Soap for the bee enthusiast, and Unicorn Soaps for the lovers of magic.


Unicorn Soap by Tailored Soap
We have a lot of fun designing our soaps, and we’re sure you can find a great gift in our soap category!


2. Soaps can be neutral

Even though you can choose a soap bar based on the person and what you think they’d like, you can never get too personal with a bar of soap! Soaps are great gifts for people you know very well and those you’ve just met. Our Everyday Luxury soaps are amazing neutral gifts for both men and women (and they can be just as personal as our other soaps if the recipient appreciate minimalism and timeless design.)


Our Everyday Luxury Collection:


3. Soaps can be luxurious

Life is too short to use boring soap, and a decorative, personal or unique soap bar will be appreciated for sure! A proper soap bar is a luxury many people don’t treat themselves to even if they get it as a gift for others. Remember to get yourself a soap bar while you’re at it!


4. The gift of skincare

When giving a bar of handmade soap, you’re opening up a whole new world of skincare! Time and time again people have gone from liquid soap to solid bars after seeing the handmade soap’s effect on the skin, and your friend, coworker or family member will be sure to appreciate this gift.


Gift from Tailored Soap
Whether you decide to give a personal or more neutral gift, the recipient is sure to enjoy a high quality, luxurious bar of soap.


5. Soaps are functional

Lastly soap is an amazing gift as it’s a functional gift that will actually be used! We all use soap, we all need soap, and you really can’t go wrong with a pretty, heavenly smelling soap bar – whether it’s used as a luxury for your skin, as an air freshener in your car or in a drawer, or as a decoration.


Do you agree that soap is an amazing gift? Check out our handmade soaps here!

One thought on “5 Reasons Handmade Soaps Make Amazing Gifts

  1. Olivia Jones says:

    I love it when you talked about soaps as a gift because it is a unique and trendy gift to give since we can have it customized to each person’s liking. My sister likes trying out different types of soap especially those that are handcrafted because you can also use it as a decorative piece in your bathroom. She continues to look for unique pieces she can add to her collection.

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