Obsidian Soap by Tailored Soap

1. Obsidian Soap

Obsidian is also known as dragon glass, making this a perfect gift for lovers of TV and also for geology nerds who thinks that minerals rock!

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2. Phoenix Soap

Our Phoenix soap is a really thoughtful gift for lovers of greek mythology, someone’s who’s recently risen from a tough situation, or lovers of wizarding worlds or sci-fi where phoenixes also appear! 

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Phoenix Soap by Tailored Soap
Frostberry Soap Set by Tailored Soap

3. Frostberry Soap Set

While these soaps are not particularly geeky in appearance, they are named after and inspired by Frostberries, that appear in a role playing game and provide HP for those who eat them. While we don’t recommend eating them, these soaps are a cute way to give someone a beautiful and practical gift with a subtle nerdy vibe!

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4. Stellar Flare Soap

Our Stellar Flare soaps are perfect for the galaxy lovers or geeks who actually know what stellar/solar flares are, and who are fascinated by galactic phenomenons! They are also perfect for warriors in the universe of Azeroth, as these soaps were accidentally named after a spell (as stellar flare somehow sounded more correct than solar flare after being a moonkin for years), and they coincidentally quite perfectly match the spell!

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Stellar Flare Soap by Tailored Soap
Stellar Flare Bath Bomb by Tailored Soap

5. Stellar Flare Bath Bomb

Put a solar flare or a spell in your bath, and watch it sparkle! Both our Stellar Flare soap and bath bomb are scented with Yuzu, a delicious citrus scent.

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6. Sulfur Soap

If you know a geology or crystal enthusiast, a science geek that’s a fan of the periodic table or someone who probably wants to pretend that they’ve been mining some sulfur, this lemon scented soap is a charm!

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Sulfur Soap by Tailored Soap
Dragon Soap by Tailored Soap

7. Dragon Soap

Dragons are everywhere in gaming and fiction, and if your special somebody loves dragons, soft skin and warm scents, this soap is a necessity!

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8. Galaxy Soap

We couldn’t make a geeky gift guide without our galaxy soaps! This soap is such a cool gift for lovers of astrology, astronomy and sci-fi! Give it to someone who will enjoy the changing design as it’s being used and the skin loving properties, or someone who will geek out completely and be a guardian of it. 

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Galaxy Soap by Tailored Soap