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Our Surprising and Natural Makeup Remover

  Did you have a hard time removing stubborn Halloween makeup this week? I didn’t, and I dressed up as a scarecrow, which somehow included surprising amounts of waterproof eyeliner.     Makeup removing soaps Our cold process soaps are mild, hydrating, cleansing, eco friendly, free of surfactants, parabens, phtalates, alcohol and so much more, but […]

Bath Bombs and Bath Truffles: The Benefits and Differences

Lavender Field Bath Truffles by Tailored Soap

Here at Tailored Soap we want to offer something for every preference and mood and that’s why we offer both bath bombs and bubble bath truffles! There are some differences, though both are used in the bath to create a unique experience and dissolve in bath water to add different benefits and effects. Read this […]

5 Reasons Handmade Soaps Make Amazing Gifts

Galaxy Soap by Tailored Soap

There are a lot of reasons that soap make great gifts. Here are a few of them!   1. Soaps can be personal The main reason some people say soap is a less-than-awesome gift is because it’s not personal enough. We disagree! With the huge selection of skin products available, it’s so easy to choose […]

15 Fall Items We Know You’ll Fall in Love With

Bath and Beauty Items to Shop for Fall Season

Winter is coming, but first, let’s enjoy the year’s coziest season: Fall!   1. Orange Bath Bomb Halloween is coming up, and orange leaves are already falling from the trees. Bring the color of the season inside with this orange bath bomb!   2. Citrine Gem Soaps Citrine is the birthstone of November, and a […]

Why Ingredients’ Names Shouldn’t Scare You

One of our favorite ingredients is Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, also known as sweet almond oil. Another great ingredient is Hydrous Alumina Silicate, which might sound worse than it is. It’s actually sea clay, which is all natural, rich on minerals and very beneficial to the skin.   Latin A lot of people stay clear […]

Why Exfoliation is Great For Your Appearance and Health

Exfoliating soap

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells that are located on the skin’s surface, and exfoliation is often done using some sort of scrub (such as our soap savers, exfoliating soaps and sugar scrubs). As we get older our skin cell turnover slows down, making exfoliation even more important for your skin’s health and […]

6 Important Reasons You Should Pick Handmade Soap Over Mass Produced Soap

Handmade soap vs. traditional soap

There are several reasons you should pick handmade soap over mass produced soap, both when it comes to ingredients, consciousness and esthetics. So what are the benefits of handmade soap vs. the normal store-bought soap, and what are the major differences between mass produced and handmade soap?