Bath Bombs and Bath Truffles: The Benefits and Differences

Lavender Field Bath Truffles by Tailored Soap

Here at Tailored Soap we want to offer something for every preference and mood and that’s why we offer both bath bombs and bubble bath truffles!

There are some differences, though both are used in the bath to create a unique experience and dissolve in bath water to add different benefits and effects.

Read this blog post to find out more about bath bomb’s and bubble truffle’s benefits and differences!


Bath Bombs

How do bath bombs work?

A bath bomb is dropped into the water once the tub is filled before or after you get in. The water combined with sodium bicarbonate and citric acid makes the bath bomb fizz and dissolve into the water after a couple of minutes. As the bath bomb is dissolving it creates quite the show (and it actually feels cold to the touch if you pick it up due to the chemical reaction!)


Succulent Bath Bomb by Tailored Soap
The Tailored Soap Succulent bath bomb in action


Bath bomb benefits

Our bath bombs are made with water-soluble dyes, skin loving sweet almond oil that nourish the skin, and breathtaking fragrances that fill the room. The water turns a bright fun color, and our colorants do not stain (but might stick to soap scum that’s on the tub).

If your tub is scratched or if you really hate after bath cleanup, we recommend trying any of our bath bombs except the black one, which is a pinch more work to clean up. Bath bombs are a great choice when you want a fun and colorful bath that soothes the skin!


Pink Bath Bomb by Tailored Soap
Pink bath bomb by Tailored Soap scented with Cotton Candy


Bath bomb demonstration

Want to see how bath bombs work and interact with water? Check out this video:



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Bath Truffles

How do bath truffles work?

Bath truffles are crumbled beneath the faucet while the tub is being filled to create bubbles. Our bath truffles will eventually dissolve/melt if placed directly in the bath water like a bath bomb, but it is the pressure of the running water that will create fluffy bubbles and foam!


Bubbly Demonstration of Tailored Soap Bath Truffles
Bubbles created by bath truffles from Tailored Soap


Pro tip if you want a really long bath: don’t fill the tub all the way to the top – that way you can add more water to create new bubbles once they pop!


Bath truffle benefits

To the touch bath bombs are on the chalkier side while bath truffles are softer due to the large amount of luxurious shea butter and cocoa butter. These butters are super luscious and they make the skin feel amazing and soft both during and after the bath.

Our bath truffles are made with micas (colorant) that tint the water and just as wonderful scents as our bath bombs. Bath truffles create relaxing and very nourishing bubble baths and it’s the perfect choice if you want to calm down while listening to the sound of bubbles moving around.


Floral Bath Truffle Set by Tailored Soap
Floral Bath Truffle Set by Tailored Soap scented with Jasmine, Plumeria, Honeysuckle and Lavender


Bath truffle demonstration

Want to see how bath bombs work and interact with water? Check out this video:



Check out our bath truffles:


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You know you deserve to tap yourself a bath scented with your favorite scent and tinted with your favorite color ?

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