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Our Surprising and Natural Makeup Remover

  Did you have a hard time removing stubborn Halloween makeup this week? I didn’t, and I dressed up as a scarecrow, which somehow included surprising amounts of waterproof eyeliner.     Makeup removing soaps Our cold process soaps are mild, hydrating, cleansing, eco friendly, free of surfactants, parabens, phtalates, alcohol and so much more, but […]

5 Reasons Handmade Soaps Make Amazing Gifts

Galaxy Soap by Tailored Soap

There are a lot of reasons that soap make great gifts. Here are a few of them!   1. Soaps can be personal The main reason some people say soap is a less-than-awesome gift is because it’s not personal enough. We disagree! With the huge selection of skin products available, it’s so easy to choose […]

6 Important Reasons You Should Pick Handmade Soap Over Mass Produced Soap

Handmade soap vs. traditional soap

There are several reasons you should pick handmade soap over mass produced soap, both when it comes to ingredients, consciousness and esthetics. So what are the benefits of handmade soap vs. the normal store-bought soap, and what are the major differences between mass produced and handmade soap?