Social Responsibility

We strive to make bath, beauty and home products that are good for you and for the environment. We work hard to keep the waste of our production to a minimum, and we always recycle and reuse. We strongly encourage our customers to recycle the packaging of our products when it’s no longer in use.

We work only with suppliers who are environmentally and socially responsible and ethical, and our biodegradable glitters and micas are of course child labor free. A lot of our ingredients are sourced locally, and every ingredient comes from reputable suppliers. Our fragrances and essential oils are picked based on smell and thorough research to ensure that each scent is not harmful (which unfortunately disqualifies many fragrances that are widely used).

No palm oil or animal fats are used in our products, and most of our products are vegan friendly (exceptions are the honey soap, products made with beeswax, and our wool soap savers). We use no genetically modified (GMO) products. Our products are not and will not be tested on animals.