Fresh Snow Room Spray by Tailored Soap

1. Fresh Snow Room Spray

This scent reminds us of laundry, and it’s an incredibly clean and refreshing scent. This room spray is sure to lift the energy in any room and make anyone feel at home!

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2. Vanilla Candle

It’s a reason that they call something standard vanilla – it’s super safe and also amazing! This is the kind of gift that the recipient will smell, say “mm” at, just to smell it a few more times. Vanilla is timeless and delicious! If you’re looking for other safe scents, check out our classic English Rose Candle, Lavender Field Candle or Red Apple Candle.

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Vanilla Scented Candle by Tailored Soap
Strawberry Soap Set by Tailored Soap

3. Strawberry Soaps

We’ve never met someone who doesn’t love the sweet scent of strawberries. This soap set is an unique and sweet gift that the recipient for sure won’t have already!

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4. Galaxy Soap

Our Galaxy Soap is by far our best selling soap, and we are confident it will be a true crowd pleaser! Men, women, teens and children are all huge fans by the unusual design, bubbly feel and the neutral scent that’s a blend of woodsy and vanilla.

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Galaxy Soap by Tailored Soap
Coconut & Lime Soap from the Tailored Soap Everyday Luxury Collection

5. Coconut Lime Soap

This soap has a clean design, and smells of paradise! It’s sure to be used (and we’re sure the recipient will keep telling you how amazing it was if they’re new to handmade soap!). If you want to make it a set, feel free to check out our other one colored Every Day Luxury soaps.

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6. Turmeric Soap

This is our best selling natural soap. It has no scent, a clean design, and the feel of the bar and the feel of the skin after use will make the recipient love this plain, yet pretty soap, and probably ask where you got it. Don’t forget to get a bar for yourself!

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Turmeric Soap by Tailored Soap