Yellow Water Color Changing Southern Peaches Scented Bath Bomb by Tailored Soap in use

1. Yellow Bath Bomb

This bath bomb smells of Southern Peaches, and will make the bath an energizing and cheerful yellow color! The sweet almond oil will soften the skin, there’s no cleanup required (just a quick rinse with water) and the overall experience is just what a new mom needs!

PS: Most moms don’t have a lot of time to take baths, so if you offer baby-sitting services to go along with this bath bomb, you’re a winner.

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2. Unscented Body Butter

Any woman deserves to feel pampered and with a healthy and moisturized skin. Our unscented body butter is a great choice for hydrating the skin while keeping the natural scent of mom that the child knows and loves.

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Unscented, All Natural Body Butter by Tailored Soap
Passionfruit Rose Body Wash & Shampoo by Tailored Soap

3. Passionfruit Rose Body Wash & Shampoo

New moms often don’t have time for long showers, so a product that works for both the body and the hair is priceless! The scent will also make the experience feel like an exotic spa, even if’s just for a couple of minutes.

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4. Sparkling Snowdrop Soap

If the new mom you’re shopping for is a lover of soap bars, this is such a practical choice! It has a mellow floral scent that’s perfect for any woman who needs an uplifting shower. This soap can be used on the face, hands, hair and body, it can be hung up between uses, and it only requires one hand to use!

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Sparkling Snowdrop by Tailored Soap
No Nail Suction Cup Hook from Tailored Soap

5. Suction Hook

This suction hook is indispensible when a soap or soap savers needs to be hung up after use or if there’s tiny pieces of clothing, burp clothes, towels, blankets or something hanging to dry because something got spilt on it or the washing machine is full.

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6. Honey Soap

New moms don’t only have to take care of their child’s skin, but their own. New moms wash their hands often, and for their skin to remain hydrated a mild soap is recommended! Our honey soap is our mildest and one of our most hydrating soaps that will make any hands as soft as the baby’s little face (well almost)!

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Honey Soap by Tailored Soap
Smitten Sugar Scrub by Tailored Soap

7. Smitten Sugar Scrub

To keep blood circulation on top, dead skin cells away and the skin hydrated, a scrub is necessary. Our sugar scrubs remove dead skin, which causes moisturizers to more easily penetrate the skin and hydrate it from within, and it keeps the skin clear! 

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