Why Exfoliation is Great For Your Appearance and Health

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Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells that are located on the skin’s surface, and exfoliation is often done using some sort of scrub (such as our soap savers, exfoliating soaps and sugar scrubs). As we get older our skin cell turnover slows down, making exfoliation even more important for your skin’s health and appearance!


1. Clear skin and pigmentation

When dead skin cells are left on the skin, it will leave your skin looking dry, flaky and dull, and it can also lead to body/facial acne and other skin impurities as pores get clogged. Exfoliating dirt from pores and removing these dead skin cells will on the other hand make your skin look renewed and young! The best way to remove dark spots and areas in your skin (often a result of blemishes and hormonal changes), is also removing those damaged skin cells all together, replacing them with new ones.


2. Hydrated skin

If dead skin is left as a layer on the skin, not only will your skin not look as smooth and vibrant, but your skin products won’t be able to penetrate the skin as easily. If your moisturizer can’t get through this layer and be absorbed, which isn’t only a waste of product, your skin is likely to dry out. Our sugar scrubs are made with oils that will keep your skin moisturized, and our body butters are also wonderful for aftercare and keeping your new skin cells hydrated over time.



3. Prevents ingrown hairs

Ingrown hair occurs when the growing hair can’t penetrate the skin. By removing the dead skin cells that are blocking the hair’s path, the occurrence of ingrown hairs will decrease.


4. Even tanning

By removing flakes of dead skin your tan will look more even as the skin’s surface is consistent – making exfoliating an essential skin preparation for the warmer seasons. Exfoliating makes sure that the new skin cells (instead of the dead ones) tans, which also makes sure the tan will last longer. This also applies to spray tan, tanning lotions etc. Make sure to use SPF, and note that freshly exfoliated skin is more sensitive to the sun.


5. Blood flow

As you scrub your skin, blood circulation, and therefore skin cell growth, will increase as the blood rushes to the skin’s surface. Increasing the blood circulation also breaks down fatty issues and draws out toxins from the skin. We recommend a combination of exfoliation/massage, drinking plenty of water and exercise to keep your blood flow at a healthy level, as well as a great moisturizer for radiant skin.

We recommend exfoliating (damp skin) approximately 1-2 times per week (it is possible to over exfoliate), or a little less if you’ve got very sensitive skin, and a little more if you’ve got oily skin. Be gentle (scrub lightly), especially when it comes to the skin of your face. We don’t recommend sugar scrubs on the fine facial skin as it can cause micro tears/scratches and be irritating to the skin.

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  1. Christopher says:

    Great article about the importance of exfoliation and some really helpful tips. I love the sugar scrubs!

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